How to Buy an Annual License

  1. Your credit card
  2. Your access data for the STOLL customer net
  3. Six-digit serial number of your STOLL KM.ON smart card
    : This serial number must be registered on your customer number.
    Call-up the customer net again using the access data.
    Enter the e-mail as user name.
    Enter the password.
    Switch to the shop page by STOLL Credit Purchase.
  1. The page for the purchase of credit appears.
  2. 5
    Enter the six-digit serial number of your STOLL KM.ON smart card.
    If desired, get the state of the card displayed by Info.
  3. Shows the former purchases of credits.
  4. 7
    Select the desired license.
    Confirm the entries with Continue.
  1. The Confirmation of CREATE License Purchase page appears.
  2. 9
    Activate the check box to accept the General Terms and Conditions of Business.
    Check the overview and confirm with Buy.
  3. The Payment confirmation page of the service provider for card payments ConCardis appears.
  4. 11
    Select the payment method.
    The edit boxes for the data of the selected credit card are displayed.
    Enter the credit card data and confirm with Buy.
  1. The credit purchase is finished.
  2. You will receive the credit code with the corresponding credit by e-mail.

    This credit code is only valid for the smart card with the specified serial number and cannot be transferred to any other card.

License and credit loss

KM.ON GmbH will not provide compensation for the loss of the license and the credit.

    Pay attention to the correct serial number of the card.
    Make sure to compare the input immediately with the card.
    Protect your card against loss or theft.
    In case the smart card is defective, please contact STOLL.

How to proceed after receiving the e-mail:

How to Load a New License to the Smart Card